Reliable Mobile Connectivity While Onboard: The Modern Holy Grail

Posted by Doug Miller on 12/10/2019 to Configuration Examples

[UPDATE: The latest version of this article is available on the Onboard Wireless site here.]



Kimi Merroll
Date: 2/26/2021
Great article with super helpful setup instructions. For areas with weak lte signal, would you recommend the Peplink Puma-402 or going with the Poynting 400/402 antennas with the LMR cable? Also, the Poynting 400 seems to have higher antenna gain than the 402 and is a fair bit cheaper. Ready to update my system so thanks again.
Doug Miller
Date: 2/26/2021
I believe you will get the absolute best performance for a 2x2 MIMO LTE router with 2 Poynting OMNI-400 antennas spaced at least 3 feet apart and connected with as short as possible cable run of LMR400 and mounted as high as possible. Second best is likely a single OMNI-402 which has 6 feet of dual run cable which could be extended with LMR400. If you have a 4x4 LTE MIMO router like the MAX Transit then you would need 4 x OMNI-400, 2 x OMNI-402 or consider the PUMA-401. In my testing, the biggest factor is height, a short cable run and mount the external antenna free and clear as possible from other vertical metal obstructions like biminis, backstays etc. Doug Miller

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