Using Coastal Explorer 2017 (version 4) with the Standard Horizon GX2200

Previously, I have provided instructions for making an older version Rose Point Navigation Coastal Explorer work with the Standard Horizon GX2200 VHF/AIS radio. This article discusses how to make the latest version of Coastal Explorer (referred to as the 2017 Edition or Version 4) work with the GX2200.
The Standard Horizon Matrix GX2200 AIS/GPS Receiver VHF Radio is not only a VHF radio, but also includes a GPS receiver and an AIS receiver. The question we get from customers is, how can I connect this new radio to a PC and can I get AIS and GPS data sent to the PC? Fortunately there is a simple solution using our USB Breakout Cable that allows Coastal Explorer or any PC-based navigation program to use the GPS, AIS and DSC NMEA data that is received by this radio. While the wiring is very straight forward, you need to configure a few settings on the radio to make this work. 
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