Using Coastal Explorer with the Standard Horizon GX2200

NOTE: We have a new version of this article for users of Coastal Explorer 2017 (version 4). Check out this version here.

Last year I wrote an article describing how to get two of our most popular products to work together: Rose Point Navigation Coastal Explorer and the Standard Horizon GX2150 VHF radio with a built-in AIS receiver. Now Standard Horizon has released a new radio – the Standard Horizon Matrix GX2200 AIS/GPS Receiver VHF Radio. This new radio has everything the GX2150 has with the addition of a built-in GPS receiver. The question we are getting from customers is, how can I connect this new radio to a PC and can I get AIS and GPS data sent to the PC. Fortunately there is a simple solution using our USB Breakout Cable that allows Coastal Explorer or any PC-based navigation program to use the GPS, AIS and DSC NMEA data that is received by this radio. While the wiring is very straight forward, you need to configure a few settings on the radio to make this work.
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