What is our most popular Internet connectivity solution?

Posted by Doug Miller on 9/14/2019 to Products & Technology

[UPDATE: The latest version of this article is available on the Onboard Wireless site here.]

VHF Antenna: The most important factor for getting AIS to work well

Posted by Doug Miller on 9/12/2019 to Configuration Examples
Having sold thousands AIS devices over the years, you start to get a feel for the most important factors for ensuring that AIS works the way it should. In my experience, the most important factor is the VHF antenna connected to the AIS system. And when I say VHF antenna, I include the antenna itself, the cable, the connector and the location of the antenna. 
Regardless of whether you use a dedicated VHF antenna attached to the AIS receiver or transponder or if you use an AIS-capable antenna splitter, there are some basic things to keep mind that substantially impact the ability of your AIS system to send and receive radio signals. 
The following article covers my top ten recommendations for making sure your AIS antenna will work well with your AIS transponder or receiver.
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