Vesper Cortex

VHF Reimagined

A revolution in marine technology that will change your VHF experience forever.

An intuitive touchscreen that is engineered for durability to withstand the rigors of the harsh marine environment.

Audio that's as loud as a train but clear as a bell.

The future of VHF is here.

Be sure to read our first impressions blog article on the Vesper Cortex?
Check out this blog article with our first hands-on impressions of the Vesper Cortex V1 product.

The power of VHF and AIS combined

Cortex is the world's first VHF with high speed SOTDMA AIS transponder technology, making your boat visible to others.

A built-in heading sensor tells other vessels your direction, helping them more accurately predict potential collisions.

Be armed with critical information about vessels, AIS marks (AtoNs) and man overboard devices on your MFD, mobile or Cortex handset.

What is Remote Vessel Monitoring?
Check out this blog article with our review and real-word experiences using the Vesper Cortex Monitoring System.

Remote vessel monitoring and control

See your boat's status, receive alerts and control devices.

All from your smartphone.

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