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Peplink SIM Injector
Peplink SIM Injector

Peplink SIM Injector

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Part Number:PL-SIM-BK8-4E-56V

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Peplink SIM Injector

More SIM, More Range

8 Additional SIM With the SIM Injector

Use the SIM Injector to add another 8 SIM cards to your deployment, giving you the ability to connect to multiple carriers and ensuring that your connection remains unbreakable. The SIM Injector is capable of PoE output, so you don’t need to add another PoE switch to your deployment.

100 meter flexibility can be added with SIM Injector

In addition to adding SIM capacity, the SIM Injector also adds 100 meters of flexibility between the Router and the SIM cards, enabling you to place the cellular router anywhere you want without worrying about changing SIM cards.

SIM Injector uses an flexible architecture

You can connect multiple SIM Injectors to your device, and it will have access to all the SIM cards carried by the SIM Injectors.

Need to power your SIM Injector with 12v DC power? Check out our Tycon DCDC, 10-15V IN, 56V 1.25A 70W, Isolated Power Supply. This not only powers the SIM Injector but also provides Power over Ethernet for the four Ethernet LAN ports.


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