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Peplink Puma-221 Combo LTE/WiFi/GPS Antenna
Peplink Puma-221 Combo LTE/WiFi/GPS Antenna

Peplink Puma-221 Combo LTE/WiFi/GPS Antenna

Your Price:$199.00
Part Number:PL-PUMA-221-S-W-6
The Peplink Puma-221 is a 5 in 1 antenna built for mobile applications. It supports 2x2 cellular MIMO for high bandwidth and solid reliability, dual-band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) Wi-Fi and GPS. It is also 5G ready and supports a wide range of global cellular frequencies. The GPS antenna is equipped with high gain LNA, making it ideal for location tracking and passing vessel location to connected devices.
The Puma-221 has a solid housing made of UV stable plastic materials. The default color is white and in the default configuration, the antenna comes with 6 feet of cable and the cable is terminated with SMA connectors for LTE and GPS and RP-SMA for Wi-Fi. This makes it an ideal, easy-to-install antenna system for 2x2 cellular MIMO routers such as the Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 Category 6 LTE Router. We also have this antenna available with QMA connectors and black color. Call for details if you need a different configuration.


  • 5-in-1 cellular and W-Fi antenna system with GPS antenna
  • 2x2 Cellular frequencies: 600-6000 MHz
  • 2x2 Wi-Fi frequencies: 2400-2500 MHz & 5000-6000 MHz
  • Durable and UV-stable housing
  • Black or white color options
  • IP68 rated

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