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June 2023
Any questions about what AIS should you get?
Our AIS Comparison guide is an quick and easy way to sort through the marketing fluff and find the unit that fits your needs best. It has been updated for 2023 and can be found on the AIS Transponder product page or link directly here.

March 2023
Vesper Marine Cortex Gets Long Awaited Software Update
Cortex just got even better. Introducing the new and improved Cortex 2.0 software update. There's a new sleek user interface for Cortex handsets and some big improvements to core VHF functions to ensure you never miss a word. Cortex software 2.0 features new Squelch EQ
automated squelch with manual fine-tuning, omni watch multichannel scanning, and VHF audio recording and playback. Find out more here.

February 2023
Vesper XB8000, XB6000, and SP160 Discontinued
The Vesper XB series has been discontinued and no longer available. There is no direct replacement but we strongly recommend looking at the Vesper Cortex M1 as an alternative, basically an XB-8000 on steroids. If you were looking at getting an XB-8000 and the SP-160 splitter the Cortex M1 is a 5w SOTDMA AIS with the splitter built-in with all the benefits of Vesper's award winning SmartAIS and more! Find out more here.

January 2023
Vesper Marine Cortex on Sale while Supplies last 
Vesper(Garmin) has officially discontinued the North American version of the Cortex and will soon be releasing a global version. We will only be selling the North American versions at a discount until they are all gone and the global versions are shipping. If you were ever considering the Cortex and boating in North America there has never been a better time to buy. Find out more here.

January 2022
Milltech Marine has been acquired
Milltech Marine, a global leader in marine safety specializing in Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and communications today announced that it has been acquired by former Global Sales Director for Vesper Marine, Jason Young. Check out the news here.

December 2021
Milltech Marine launches Onboard Wireless
With growing interest in our solutions for keeping your boat connected to the Internet while cruising, Milltech Marine has launched a new site - Onboard Wireless - focused exclusively on mobile connectivity solutions. We offer the same personalized pre- and post-sales service as well as specialized content to assist you in building a solution for your needs. Check it out at

September 2021
What is our most popular Internet connectivity solution?
Our marine Internet connectivity packages have been a real hit for boaters looking to stay connected while cruising. Wondering which solution is most popular? Check our our latest blog article which answers the question: What is our most popular Internet connectivity solution?

November 2020
Check out our presentations on Seattle Boat Show Live
Hear about the latest developments on AIS here as well as an overview on Vesper Cortex here. We also have a webcast on onboard connectivity here

October 2020
Did Vesper Cortex just save my boat?!?
Check out our blog article with an overview of the Remote Vessel Monitoring capabilities in Vesper Cortex and some real-world stories on the value of this unique system.

August 2020
The Vesper Cortex product is finally available and initial shipments have gone out to customers!
Curious to understand what all the excitement is about? See our Vesper Cortex: First Impressions blog article with a quick review of unboxing our first Cortex product.

June 2020
Can't decide which AIS transponder to buy?
Check out our blog article "How to Choose an AIS Transponderhere.

February 2020
Download our AIS presentation from the Seattle Boat Show.
Milltech Marine presented a seminar at the Seattle Boat Show titled "Getting the Most from your AIS System". If you would like to download a copy of the presentation, click here.

June 2019
Having antenna issues? Check out our latest blog article.
Getting the VHF antenna connected to your AIS system is probably the most important factor for good AIS performance. Check out our guide here for our top ten antenna tips.

November 2018
US Coast Guard marine safety alert regarding LED lighting interference
Have you experienced AIS or VHF reception issues and have LED lights onboard? Be sure to read this US Coast Guard advisory to learn more.

April 2018
U.S. Coast Guard Takes Aim at AIS Transponder Errors
Improperly programmed AIS transponders are becoming are real safety issue and the USCG is cracking down. See our blog article here for more information. 

January 2015
US Coast Guard announces new rules for AIS
On January 30 2015, the US Coast Guard published their long-anticipated new rules for AIS which go into effect on March 2 2015. For more information, see our resource page here.

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