AMEC MANDO-303 AIS AtoN type 3

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Empowering AtoN by AIS Technology!

  • Fully compliant with IALA , IEC, and ITU standards with BSH/CE/FCC/USCG approval
  • Support messages 21, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 25 (depends on hardware & software configuration)
  • Support meteorological & hydrological message (Message 8)
  • Support synthetic and virtual AIS AtoN
  • Support chaining and RATDMA (MANDO-303/303P only)
  • Low power consumption & robust housing (IP67)
  • Slim PCB module to integrate with lantern
  • Supplied with user-friendly Windows-based configuration tool

The AMEC MANDO series marks the most advanced AIS AtoN fully certified to the latest international standards. As AIS AtoN type 3, MANDO is ready to be deployed on buoys, lighthouses, oil/gas stations, offshore wind farms or navigational hazards as an aid of collision avoidance for nearby vessels. 

MANDO is designed to work with a variety of sensors and instruments to deliver hydrological and meteorological data for the benefit of authorities and mariners. Besides, it can be interfaced with lantern to monitor its lamp status or enable more advanced configuration options. All the features are packed in a compact and ruggedized enclosure.


High Reliability, Smart Connection
The MANDO is engineered to work continuously without maintenance in harsh marine area. To enable this, MANDO is given with its field proven AIS engine and a mechanical design compliant with rigorous vibration and environmental tests.

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