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Onboard Mobile Connectivity Update: Six months with Peplink, 5G and more

Posted by Doug Miller on 5/5/2021 to Configuration Examples
It has been six months since I installed my first Peplink Pepwave LTE router on my boat. Since November 2020, Milltech Marine has sold dozens of routers to customers and have become a Certified Gold Partner with Peplink. Clearly there is a lot of interest in mobile connectivity on boats as people look to “work from boat” instead of “work from home” as summer approaches.
During this time, I have had the opportunity to try out different combinations of products to see if I could improve on my initial set of products documented here. 
My testing has included trying out a pre-release of the Peplink Max Transit 5G router and while this product is still in the certification phase with US carriers, the results are very promising. 
This article documents some of my testing and provides an overview of what I am using for Internet connectivity on my own sailboat.
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