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Vesper GPS Antenna Cable Extension Kit (SMA)
Vesper GPS Antenna Cable Extension Kit (SMA)

Vesper GPS Antenna Cable Extension Kit (SMA)

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The GPS antenna cable supplied with the Vesper Marine GPS Antenna for the WatchMate Vision or XB-8000 transponder is 10m (33') long and has a male SMA connector on the end of the cable. You can easily extend that cable another 10m (33') with this kit. This kit can also be used to extend the GPS antenna for a Vesper Cortex system.

The kit includes:

  • 10m (33') of marine grade RG58U coax cable with factory installed SMA male connectors on both ends.
  • SMA joiner to easily connect the two cable segments together.
  • Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to seal and waterproof the connection.

Note: This cable cannot be used as is with GPS antenna cables that have a TNC connector (such as the AMEC CAMINO transponders or the Vesper WatchMate 850). However, we do have adapters to convert this cable into a TNC-based extension cable. Just add one each of the following to your order if you need to extend a GPS antenna cable with a TNC connector:

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