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Weather Routing Module [+$285.00]
TZ Homeport [+$475.00]
TZ Professional software has been designed to answer the navigation needs and requirements of all professional seafarers. With features that are truly cutting-edge, TIMEZERO software has two main objectives: Supreme control and performance. Discover in this section how TIMEZERO software caters to your needs no matter your activity.

Pack includes:
  • TIMEZERO software for 1 workstation
  • USA Raster & Vector charts
  • 3D data and satellite photos.

Why should you choose TZ Professional?


Have the world at your fingertips thanks to the mm3d charts catalog compatible with TZ Professional. Its worldwide coverage is available with raster charts and vector charts (C-MAP and Datacore by Navionics). In addition, the TIMEZERO technology integrate an unparalleled chart engine where marine charts, 3D data and satellites photo are wisely mixed through PhotoFusion.

Weather & Tides

Enjoy our free Weather Forecast and tide database wherever you are navigating around the world.

Route Planning

The Route Planning Wizard allows you to compute departure time according to various conditions (Tides, Currents, Transit Time, etc.). Arrive at high tide or leave the harbor with optimal currents conditions has never been this easy!

Targets & POIs

Navigate safely with total peace of mind! TIMEZERO is the first navigation software to offer ActiveCaptain Points-of-Interest (POI) integration and real-time updating. The AIS function is also included by default in your features.


Because your software should be as comfortable as your boat, the latest generation of user-friendly interface is fully adapted to be used on touchscreen.
The user interface of TZ Professional is intuitive and fully adapted to be used on touch screens! Touch screen makes your life much easier when it comes to route planning as well as all the other features which have made TIMEZERO a huge success for more than 30 years.

Your safety matters! 

TZ Professional comes with a suite of new features that will dramatically increase your safety onboard. 
Route Planning is of the utmost importance for every boater. Our new technology assures the security of a route upon creation. Through color codes (green/red) it is instantaneously possible to know if the route is safe based on depth and vector chart objects (obstructions, wrecks, rocks etc.). 
The new Security Cone is a feature in adherence with the official rules of the IMO. It uses the data in vector charts and 3D data to detect shallow areas and isolated dan­gers. If an obstacle is detected inside this cone in front of the boat's trajectory, an anti-grounding alarm will auto­matically be triggered. 
In addition, our new Odometer NavData will automat­ically display your trip information including Duration, Distance, Max Speed and Average speed. 
With so many great new features, TZ Professional is the perfect fit for recreational sailing and power boating. TZ Professional is the latest product to be released for recreational boaters that has made our company so suc­cessful for the past 30 years! 

AIS Features 

TZ Professional's AIS function enhances your collision­ avoidance abilities. With the built-in AIS functions and a connected AIS receiver, TZ Professional displays AIS tar­gets on the chart, along with the course, speed and im­mediate collision risks. With TZ Professional, navigate safe­ly with total peace of mind! 

Free Weather Forecasts 

TZ Professional enables the download and display of weather forecasts in standard GRIB format directly through our Weather Wizard. This weather tool is com­pletely free and easy to use, giving you unlimited access to worldwide weather forecasts 24 hours a day. Select a geographic coverage, data type, period of time and choose how to receive the file. TZ Professional can pro­vide up to 16 days of weather forecasts! 

Furuno Advanced Compatibility

Connect directly to any Furuno NavNet system via a simple Ethernet connection. Users can easily access and control valuable information from their NavNet network, such as Radar Overlay and Fish Finder. Radar overlay is included with TZ Professional. The Sounder Module is an optional package.

Weather Routing - Additional Module 

Weather Routing Module enables you to calculate the optimal sailing route based on weather forecasts, cur­rents, wind, polars of your boat and your own navigation style. The Weather Routing module goes even further, adding the following features:  
  • One click comparison between several routes. 
  • Option to pass a waypoint. 
  • Waves are included for routing computation along with wind and currents. 

TZ Professional includes these extra capabilities...

Compatibility with S57 charts

Keeping up to date charts is an essential element to ensure the safety of all those at sea. TZ Professional is now compatible with the official S57 formats. The official S57 charts are updated every week. These maps respect the S52 standard developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The iconography offers a simplified display in order to improve the readability of the marine charts on screens.

New Advanced Route Management

Route Planning is of the utmost importance for all professions at sea.
Our new technology assures the security of a route upon creation: Through color codes (green/red) it is instantaneously possible to know if the depth is sufficient for the safe passing of your boat. An automatic route wizard will provide you with information regarding to the optimal departure and arrival time, taking into account tides and currents.

New profile window, a remarkable new tool! 

Instantaneously display a point to point depth profile window. This 2D view will allow you to identify the depth variations with unequalled precision (rocks, shipwrecks, etc.).

Fishing Workspace 

A workspace exclusively dedicated for professional fishermen will allow for personalization of 2D/3D so accessing information that is most pertinent is shown first.

New AIS Features

The configuration of AIS can sometimes prove to be complex. Our new AIS module allows for complete configuration of all information directly within TZ Professional (Status, Destination, etc.). Furthermore, it is now possible to receive and send AIS text messages from TZ Professional. This system will allow for simplified communication, free and individual with all boats which are equipped with AIS.

Security Cone

The new security cone is a feature in adherence with the official rules of the IMO. It takes into account the information of vector charts in order to detect isolated dangers and shallow areas. If an obstacle is detected inside this cone in front of the boat’s trajectory, an anti-grounding alarm will automatically be triggered.

For more information on TimeZero TZ Professional, visit the TimeZero site here.

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