Standard Horizon SCU-31 GPS Sensor

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Part Number:STD-SCU-31
The Standard Horizon SCU-31 is a 66 channel GPS sensor and antenna and is supplied with 49 feet of cable that plugs directly into compatible Standard Horizon radios to enable DSC functionality. The sensor delivers accuracy better than three meters by decoding the GPS correction signals from the SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System).
In addition, the end plug can be cut off and this sensor can be used as a GPS NMEA source for any device support NMEA sentences via a hard-wired 4800 baud NMEA connection. 10-35vDC power is required. For example, this GPS could be used to provide GPS position information to any DSC radio.
For most scenarios, connect the GPS BROWN wire to the positive GPS input NMEA wire on the other device and the common ground wires to the negative GPS input NMEA wire or common ground. The GREEN wire does not need to be connected to any other wires.

Download the product manual and specification sheet here.

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