SeaTalkng is Raymarine's implementation of NMEA 2000. Under the NMEA standard, manufacturers can use the cable/connector design of their choice so long as it conforms to certain requirements. The topology is a robust terminated backbone/spur design. 
SeaTalkng is Raymarine’s proprietary cable system for use in NMEA 2000 networks. The design provides two advantages. First, the connector collars are retained on the product which allows for a smaller cable diameter making installations easier. More importantly, the cable can include a sixth wire which allows for backward compatibility with SeaTalk1 equipment. 
Products with SeaTalkng connectors can be used on NMEA 2000 networks that use Devicenet cabling through simple connector adaptors and conversely equipment with Devicenet connectors can be used on NMEA 2000 networks that use SeaTalkng cabling through simple connector adaptors.
This means that any device that has a certified NMEA 2000 connector, such as an AIS transponder, can be used on a SeaTalkng network. Likewise, Raymarine devices that support SeaTalkng such as displays and autopilots can be easily interfaced with devices on a NMEA 2000 network. Milltech Marine can assist you with selecting the appropriate SeaTalkng or NMEA 2000 adapters or cables to simplify the connection of devices between these two networks.
For more information, check out Raymarine's NMEA 2000 / SeaTalkng page
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Raymarine Power Cable for SeaTalkNG
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Raymarine AIS700 Class B SOTDMA AIS Transceiver with Antenna Splitter
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