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Pelagic Systems Professional Marine Wi-Fi & 4G Kit

Pelagic Systems Professional Marine Wi-Fi & 4G Kit

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7-10dBi, 50 inch (1.26m) height Fiberglass High Gain Omni Directional Marine Antenna with an N jack connector on a stub cable, impedance matched for MWB Wi-Fi & 4G marine data communication systems. [+$230.00]
The Pelagic Systems Professional Marine Wi-Fi & 4G Kit consists of all the major components to build a state-of-the-art Internet communications gateway system for your boat. This system provides uninterrupted Internet service to your boat utilizing an enhanced Wi-Fi connection to your marina's Wi-Fi when available and auto-switching to a high performance LTE-based cellular data connection when Wi-Fi is not available. In addition, this is a dual purpose kit. First, it can be used as a high performance, extended range Wi-Fi gateway for connecting to Wi-Fi network hotspots in marinas and other nearby locations. Second, it provides an extended range data connection to your cellular LTE provider allowing for faster, more reliable data transfers especially in areas with marginal coverage. Using the specially designed optional high-gain MWB-ANTENNA mounted outside your boat will significantly extend range even further for either remote Wi-Fi or LTE - or both if two antennas are used. 

The kit includes:
  • MWB-4G Marine Wireless & 4G Bridge
  • MWB-AP marine-grade wireless access point
  • 9-36vDC power-over-ethernet (PoE) adapter (to power both the MWB-4G and the MWB-AP)
  • 2  rubber ducky style antennas - one for acquiring external Wi-Fi signals, one for enhanced signal acquisition from your cellular provider
The MWB-4G Long Range Wi-Fi & 4G Marine Internet Communication System has been designed from the outset for optimal performance. Two external antenna sockets allow connection of a powerful antenna which may be mounted at optimal height for best performance. The MWB-4G has an easy to use front panel SIM socket for straightforward 4G network switching and may be mounted near the instrument panel while the MWB-AP can be installed in the optimum position on-board for wireless connection of multiple mobile devices and a fixed wired PC. The MWB-4G system offers builders, installers and owners an advanced system which is easy to install and use with outstanding performance and features:
  • Antenna sockets for external connection of Wi-Fi and 4G antennas
  • An integrated powerful transceiver with excellent sensitivity
  • Weatherproof local access point for connection of multiple mobile devices
  • Easy to use software interface browser for Wi-Fi base station scanning, selection, configuration & 4G mode selection & configuration.
The MWB-4G Wi-Fi & 4G System is protected by a robust weatherproof UV stabilized case for internal or external mounting with two external antenna sockets for connection of Wi-Fi & 4G antennas. The MWB-AP unit features two integrated internal access point antennas operating at 5GHz 802.11 a/n/ac and 2GHz 802.11 b/g/n providing on-board access for wireless connection of multiple legacy and a/n/ac mode mobile wireless devices. MWB-AP also has an Ethernet weatherproof port available for direct cable connection to a fixed on-board computer with a supplied cable and weatherproof plug. The MWB-4G provides an on-board Internet service for fixed and wireless connection of multiple on-board computers. The MWB-4G has several advantages over other systems: 
  • More Transmit Power. Because the MWB-4G incorporates a powerful 1000mW transmitter, its has far more range than most other solutions. 
  • Flexible Mounting. The MWB-4G & MWB-AP units can be mounted in any convenient location either above or below deck with permanent above deck mounted high-gain antennas for high speed Wi-Fi base station & 4G data communication. Using its built-in Power-Over-Ethernet technology, a single network cable is the only connection required to the MWB-4G and MWB-AP units.
  • Advanced Networking Features. Unlike most Wi-Fi & 4G adapters the MWB-4G is a stand-alone device on the network which includes its own internal DHCP server and Site Survey utility for scanning & selecting Wi-Fi shore base stations & 4G transmitters. Built-in encryption algorithms include WEP, WPA, WPA-TKIP, WPA-AES, WPA2, WPA2-TKIP & WPA2-AES. 
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi Data Transfer. Compatible with both 802.11b and 802.11g access points, so it will work almost anywhere a shore base station is available and will deliver throughput of up to 54 megabits per second. In 4G mode the MWB-4G is capable of higher data speed and distance.  MWB-4G-SIM
  • Easily accessible front panel SIM card socket allows finger-tip SIM card insertion and ejection. Makes switching 4G networks easy with a simple 4G card swap. 
  • Automatic reversion to 4G when Wi-Fi is not available, locking to the best signal available for uninterrupted high-speed communications. The MWB-4G may also be manually switched simply using the software utility browser between Wi-Fi and 4G modes when required. 
  • The components in this kit are manufactured in the United Kingdom and have received CE and US FCC certifications.
NOTE: This system has been tested in the USA by Milltech Marine and works well with AT&T and T-Mobile wireless networks. This system does not work with Verizon Wireless at this time. It has not been tested with Sprint, therefore it should not be assumed it will work with Sprint. This system should work with Canadian GSM networks although it has not been tested yet by Milltech Marine.

Milltech Marine can provide assistance with configuring the MWB-4G to work with your mobile network. We do not sell or provide cellular access plans with this kit.

To get this system running once you have the kit, just add:
  • 12-24vDC power to the PoE adapter
  • A SIM card activated for use in data devices from your cellular provider (AT&T or T-Mobile)
  • 2 ethernet cables (one for connection between the MWB-4G and MWB-AP and one for connection to the PoE adapter). A third ethernet cable could be used to connect a computer or other network device via ethernet to the Access Point
  • If the external high gain antenna is used for either accessing an external Wi-Fi or LTE network, then a length of antenna cable with N connectors would be needed

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