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Other Product Warranty Repair
Other Product Warranty Repair

Other Product Warranty Repair

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If you need a warranty repair for any product not listed elsewhere, please order this item. Please contact us before ordering this warranty repair as it may be faster to have your product sent directly to the manufacturer. 

Do not send Vesper or Standard Horizon products to Milltech Marine for warranty work. Contact the manufacturer for assistance with warranty claims and work.

Please include a copy of your invoice or proof of purchase from the original purchase. If you don't have your original invoice, please provide the date of purchase and your name. Also include a printed copy of this warranty repair invoice when you ship your product to us. You will need to choose a shipping service and pay for shipping to us. The charge associated with this order is for return shipping.

Ship your product to the following address with a complete description of the problem:

Milltech Marine Inc.
1125 Bethel Ave, #1074
Port Orchard, WA 98366 USA

NOTE: This address is a post office, not a Milltech Marine retail address.

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