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Morad HD VHF Marine Antenna - 6dB gain

Morad HD VHF Marine Antenna - 6dB gain

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This is a heavy-duty style marine VHF antenna with 6dB gain. Otherwise known as the "Hot Rod". 
This antenna is available in white or black and we feature three different models
  • 156 MHz: for use with VHF radios
  • 159 MHz: for use with AIS/VHF radios or AIS/VHF splitters
  • 162 MHz: for use as a dedicated AIS antenna for AIS receivers or transponders
Be sure to select the correct color and tuning before adding this to your cart. 

These antennas feature a nominal SWR of 1.15:1 at the tuned frequency and bandwidth of 10 MHz with less than 1.5:1 VSWR. These specs make the 159 MHz model ideal for use with AIS/VHF antenna splitters as well as Class B SOTDMA AIS Transponders that have Message 27 turned on. For more information on antenna selection, see our article here.

These antennas mount on any Morad 1-inch diameter stanchion for extra height or can be used with the Morad M91 Adapter to mount to a 1 inch x 14 male threaded mount. 

Morad VHF Marine Antennas: 
  • Made entirely in the USA. 
  • Hand built with modern tooling. 
  • Product is tested to work before shipment. 
  • Dependable, rugged, and technically superior to other antennas on the market. 
  • Morad products are trusted on military, law enforcement, commercial and leisure vessels around the world.

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