This was announced last May, but in case you missed it, Rose Point Navigation Systems have low-cost raster and vector charts covering BC Canada for Coastal Explorer. 
They are offering two chart products for British Columbia: one is in raster format and is the equivalent of PAC01, PAC02, and PAC03 from CHS and the other is in vector format and is the equivalent of PAC-A and PAC-B from CHS. 
Each product sells for US$100 and includes all of the charts from the equivalent CHS products as well as updates for one year. After one year, the charts may still be used but a warning that they are no longer being maintained will be displayed. Due to the low price, they will not be offering a discount for subsequent years. 
These products can only be purchased via the chart store built into Coastal Explorer and are only delivered via the Internet. 
For more information, please see the article here.
Thanks to Sam Landsman at Waggoner Cruising Guide for pointing this out.

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