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GPS Antenna Cable Extension Kit (SMA)
GPS Antenna Cable Extension Kit (SMA)

GPS Antenna Cable Extension Kit (SMA)

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Part Number:VM-039914

The GPS antenna cable supplied with the Vesper Marine GPS Antenna for the WatchMate Vision or XB-8000 transponder is 10m (33') long and has a male SMA connector on the end of the cable. You can easily extend that cable another 10m (33') with this kit.

The kit includes:

  • 10m (33') of marine grade RG58U coax cable with factory installed SMA male connectors on both ends.
  • SMA joiner to easily connect the two cable segments together.
  • Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to seal and waterproof the connection.

Note: This cable cannot be used as is with GPS antenna cables that have a TNC connector (such as the AMEC CAMINO transponders or the Vesper WatchMate 850). However, we do have adapters to convert this cable into a TNC-based extension cable. Just add one each of the following to your order if you need to extend a GPS antenna cable with a TNC connector:

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