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Comar SLR350NI Intelligent AIS Receiver with WiFi

Comar SLR350NI Intelligent AIS Receiver with WiFi

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Part Number:CS-SLR-350NI

NOTE: We have one open box unit left in stock. This unit will come with operating system and OpenCPN pre-installed. Full warranty.

Overview – SLR350Ni Intelligent AIS Receiver with WiFi

The Comar SLR350Ni is an AIS receiver with WiFi and Ethernet capabilities. The intelligent AIS receiver is interfaced to a Raspberry Pi™ 3 computer and is designed for coastal monitoring applications, capable of filtering and processing AIS data and forwarding it across a network. In this way, several units can be used to form a complete networked monitoring solution for monitoring a port and its approaches.

The intelligent AIS unit has both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, as well as 4 USB ports and an HDMI connector for a monitor display. What makes the SLR350Ni different from other receivers is that it can be deployed in any AIS network using proprietary software, specific to that network and is shipped ‘bare bones’.

The SLR350Ni is designed for use by the commercial market and uses Comar Systems’ well proven and internationally specified high sensitivity dual channel parallel receiver.

The SLR350Ni from Comar Systems: The most flexible and most powerful AIS receiver available on the market.

Special Features

  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Built-in Raspberry Pi™ 3 Microcomputer
  • Highly configurable to suit any AIS network (additional software required)
  • Built-in USB ports for local monitoring
  • Built-in HDMI port for connecting a display monitor
  • Built-in micro-SD card slot for storing the OS and supporting software
  • Optional internal GPS receiver module


  • Shoreside monitoring of shipping by Government bodies
  • Managing traffic at local port approaches
  • Assisting in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations
  • Locating ships for local tug/supply operators or for security operations
  • Analysing shipping in specific areas
  • Monitoring fishing zones
  • Feeding data to AIS vessel tracking websites
  • Automatic Datalogging of AIS data over a time period
The new Comar part number for this product is R500Ni (001-1048)

NOTE: The SLR-350Ni is a specialty AIS receiver intended for networked environments. Set-up and configuration of the SLR-350Ni requires a working knowledge of networking (TCP/IP, UDP, etc.). Limited set-up technical support can be provided. This product is not recommended for other than professional installations.

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