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Comar SLR350N Network AIS Receiver

Comar SLR350N Network AIS Receiver

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The Comar SLR350N is a Network AIS Receiver for Coastal Monitoring Applications. Connected to a PC, via the industry standard RJ45 Ethernet connector, the SLR350N enables AIS data to be viewed directly, or shared on a local network. The unit can also be mounted at a remote location and AIS data sent via the Internet to a fixed IP address for use on a dedicated server.
The SLR350N has been specifically designed for use by the professional market and uses the well proven and internationally specified Comar high sensitivity dual channel parallel receiver.

Typical Uses:

  • Monitoring of shipping by Government bodies
  • Traffic management at local port approaches
  • Assistance in Search and Rescue operations
  • Location of ships for local  Tug/Supply operators
  • Analysis of shipping in specific areas.
  • Monitoring of fishing zones
  • Feeding Internet AIS tracking sites


  • A method of monitoring the position, speed and heading of AIS vessels within VHF range.
  • Decoding of Class A, Class B, Aids to Navigation, SARTS and all other AIS message types.
  • Designed to comply with IEC 61993-2.


  • Name of Vessel
  • MMSI Number
  • Position
  • Speed (SOG)
  • Course (COG)
  • Type of vessel
  • Call sign
  • Heading
  • Rate of Turn
  • Navigational Status
  • Vessel Dimensions
  • Destination
NOTE: The SLR-350N is a specialty AIS receiver intended for networked environments. Set-up and configuration of the SLR-350N requires a working knowledge of networking (TCP/IP, UDP, etc.). Limited set-up technical support can be provided. This product is not recommended for other than professional installations.

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