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Class B AIS Transponders

Class B AIS Transponders are mainly used by recreational vessels and smaller commercial vessels.
Information transmitted by Class B transponders can be "seen" by all AIS receiving equipment. Class B transponders also receive all Class A and Class B AIS transmissions.
All of our Class B transponders are built to high quality, commercial standards and mainly differ in the options available for connecting to other devices. 
There are two types of Class B AIS Transponders:
Class B CSTDMA 2-watt: These transponders are the traditional Class B units, have a transmit range of 5-7 miles and use the carrier sense system for getting a transmission slot. 
Class B SOTDMA 5-watt: This is a new type of Class B transponder. These units transmit with 5 watts of power and typical transmit 10-15 miles. These use the same self-organized slot management system as the commercial Class A transponders.

For more information on the different classes of AIS transponders, visit the US Coast Guard page here.
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Comar T200B Class B AIS Transponder
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AMEC WideLink B600 Class B SOTDMA AIS Transponder
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$699.00  $599.00
AMEC WideLink B600W Class B SOTDMA AIS Transponder
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$849.00  $719.00
ACR AISLink Class B AIS Transceiver
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Vesper Marine AIS WatchMate 850 Transponder and Display
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$895.00  $625.00
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