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Antenna Splitters

AIS VHF Antenna Splitters allow you to share your existing VHF antenna with your AIS receiver or transponder and your VHF radio.

Antenna splitters simplify installation and reduce cable runs. Signal loss is minimal (<3dB) and is far outweighed by the advantages of an antenna optimally located at the highest point available (sailboat masthead, power yacht cabin top or arch). NOTE: Splitters designed for use with AIS receivers (e.g. Comar ASR 100 and the Smart Radio splitter) will not work with AIS transponders. If you are interested in an antenna splitter for use with an AIS transponder, check out the selection here.

Want more info on the pros and cons of using an antenna splitter? Check out our blog article here.

Quick TipQUICK TIP: Have a single-masted sailboat? Consider a splitter (especially if you're a racer). At less than 3dB, splitter signal loss is typically not enough to cause a noticeable reduction in VHF radio range while the AIS range gained from the masthead position can be appreciable. Cost will be about equal to a second antenna mounted on a rail plus there will be savings in weight (and no cable-running headaches!)

Quick TipQUICK TIP: Have a power boat without space for an additional VHF antenna on cabin top or arch? A splitter will help reduce antenna clutter. Placing your AIS antenna too close to another antenna (even if the other antenna is not active) can greatly reduce AIS reception. This makes a splitter a good choice when space is at a premium.

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Vesper Marine VHF/AIS/FM Antenna Splitter
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Navico NSPL-500 Antenna Splitter
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