Additional Resources

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The section below contains links to solutions and information that complement the products available from Milltech Marine.

What is the Automatic Identification System (AIS)?
A description of AIS on the U.S. Coast Guard site. There are also a number of pages on this site related to how AIS works and information on the various applicable standards.

Check your AIS encoding
For U.S. AIS transponder users, visit this site to double check your AIS system is programmed correctly. For additional, information see the USCG AIS encoding guide here.

Check out the IMO Guidelines for the installation of AIS systems.

Home page for Alltek Marine Electronics, manufacturer of the CYPHO, WideLink and CAMINO AIS products.

Instructions to save a Data Log on AMEC products for Troubleshooting and Support can be found here

Vesper Marine
Home page for Vesper Marine, manufacturer of the WatchMate, Vision and XB-8000 AIS transponders.

Comar Systems
Home page for Comar Systems, manufacturer of light commercial and leisure market AIS products. Comar's "AIS in Action" page can be found here.

Home page for the em-trak range of AIS solutions.

Rose Point Navigation Systems
Home page for Rose Point Navigation Systems, manufacturer of the Coastal Explorer marine navigation product.
This site has AIS tracking with Google maps for many vessels from ports around the world.