AIS Receiver Breakout Cable
AIS Receiver Breakout Cable

AIS Serial Breakout Cable

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This 6 foot custom cable can be used for connecting the RS232 interface on an AIS Receiver or Transponder to an AISWatchMate or other supported devices. The cable has a male DB9 serial connector on one end (to plug into the AIS receiver) and a cable with three bare wires on the other end. The three wires are labeled IN (pin 3), OUT (pin 2) and GND (pin 5) for connection with an AIS RS232-compatible device. We also sell a DB9 female to female adapter which allows this cable to be used with a computer as well. NOTE: When used with a computer, the IN lead is connected to the pin 3 OUT and the OUT lead is connected to the pin 2 IN.
Newer versions of this cable no longer have labels and also have different colored wires. Here is the color coding for both the older and newer versions of this cable:
 Ground5 Yellow Yellow
 Data output from serial device2 White Red
 Data sent into serial device3 Red Black

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