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AIS Displays

An AIS receiver or transponder is only half the system: You also need a display that will interpret the NMEA AIS data and show it in a useful format.

Most chartplotters made in past 9 years support AIS, as do computers with appropriate software. For cruisers (especially single-handers), the AISWatchMate 850 is a great choice for a low-power-consumption, dedicated AIS display, full Class B AIS transponder features and an alarm system.

Quick TipQUICK TIP: On your sailboat, put AIS where you'll truly need it: at the wheel. AIS down below at the nav station won't put critical information in front of you in an emergency. Best solution? Computer below and AIS-capable chartplotter, AISWatchMate or Matrix GX2200 at the helm.
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em-trak B400 Class B AIS Transponder
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$1,249.00  $1,199.00
em-trak A200 Class A AIS Transponder
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$1,699.00  $1,664.00
Vesper Marine WatchMate Vision<sup>2</sup>
Average Rating(1)
$1,249.00  $1,150.00
Vesper Marine AIS WatchMate 850 Transponder and Display
Average Rating(7)
$895.00  $625.00
Icom MA-500TR Class B AIS Transponder and GPS Receiver
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$1,065.00  $629.00