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Milltech Marine News

February 2015 
AMEC and Milltech Marine will be at the Miami International Boat Show 
Come visit Alltek Marine Electronics (AMEC) and Milltech Marine at booth 1741 D Lobby at the Miami Beach Convention Center February 12-16.

February 2015 
Did you miss us at the Seattle Boat Show? 
We did two packed talks at the Seattle Boat Show this year. If you missed the sessions and want to view the slides you can get them here:
Using Your iPad Aboard
An Update on AIS Solutions for Boaters

DSC: More Than Just an Emergency Solution (from last year's show)

January 2015
US Coast Guard announces new rules for AIS
On January 30 2015, the US Coast Guard published their long-anticipated new rules for AIS which go into effect on March 2 2015. For more information, see our resource page here.

April 2014
Want to connect Coastal Explorer and an AIS Matrix radio together?
Check out our blog articles with step-by-step instructions for the GX2150 and GX2200 on how to use our USB Breakout Cable to easily tie these together.

March 2014
New AIS transponders from AMEC
AMEC has released two new Class B transponders – including one with Wi-Fi support and one new Class A transponder – with integrated color screen. Check out the new CAMINO-108 models and the CAMINO-701.

July 2013
AMEC CYPHO-150 now available!
We now have the AMEC CYPHO-150 in stock. This full featured dual-channel AIS receiver is less than $200 and has receive range that goes beyond most other receivers. More info can be found here.

April 2013
Milltech Marine opens a retail store!
We are happy to announce we now have a retail store in Port Orchard. If you’re in the area, stop in and say hi. More info can be found here.

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Smart Radio VHF/AIS Antenna Splitter
Smart Radio VHF-AIS Antenna Splitter
Smart Radio VHF/AIS Antenna Splitter
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The Smart Radio VHF Antenna Splitter is designed to work with any AIS receiver.

It allows you to safely share a single antenna between an AIS receiver and a VHF radio that is used for both receiving and transmitting. This active splitter will isolate the antenna connection to the AIS receiver if a transmission from the VHF radio is detected on the same antenna.

This is a great solution for situations where it is not possible to have a dedicated VHF antenna for the AIS receiver. It is also a good solution for sailing vessels that only have one VHF antenna mounted at the top of the mast.

This splitter is very easy to install and use. One input connection is made to the antenna cable. An output connection plugs directly into the BNC antenna port on the AIS receiver. Another output connection plugs into a cable to the VHF radio. The last connection is to a 12v DC power source which powers the active VHF splitter. Simply turn the power on and use your VHF radio and AIS receiver without the worry of potential damage to the AIS receiver while broadcasts are made on the VHF radio.

The Smart Radio VHF Antenna Splitter will make installation much easier since you can use an existing VHF antenna as well as save you the cost of installing an additional antenna. The VHF Antenna Splitter allows you to optimize the coverage on your VHF-based radio equipment since both devices can use a single antenna that is placed at the highest position on your vessel. The VHF splitter also works with combined antenna systems that support VHF/GSM or VHF/FM radio.
NOTE: This product can not be used with an AIS transponder. If you need a VHF antenna splitter for use with an AIS transponder, please choose one of the products here.

Technical specifications

The VHF splitter is an active splitter that blocks reception to the AIS receiver during transmission of any connected VHF transmitter with a maximum output power of 25 W.

  • Power supply range: 9 - 16 Volts DC
  • Power consumption: <0.1 W
  • Frequency range: 155-163 MHz
  • Insertion loss: < 1dB
  • Max transmitter power: 25 W
  • Main Body L x W x H: 110 x 62 x 45 (mm)
  • Weight: 500g
  • VHF radio: UHF male
  • VHF antenna: UHF female
  • AIS receiver: BNC male
  • Power: 2 wire pigtail cable

When the VHF radio is transmitting, the DC input must not be turned off and the AIS receiver port must be connected, otherwise there is the possibility that the VHF splitter can be permanently damaged by a continuous high power RF output signal (25w or above).

 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  Good value. Works great
  Reviewed by:  Norman Smith from Ft Lauderdale. on 5/9/2013
Good value, works flawlessly
  Bought this from Milltech Marine in 2007, connecting a SR162G AIS Receiver to my masthead antenna. Shared the antenna with a NavMan/Northstar VHF. Reception/transmission was great. AIS reception of targets as far as 50nm away was observed. Could not notice any discernable degradation of VHF TX/RX as a result of splitter. Recommended!
  Reviewed by:  Gerhard Malan from Australia/Sydney. on 3/21/2011
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